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Dynasty Strategy: Free Agency Tips & Advice

Joseph Adrian


It is now the NFL offseason but dynasty fantasy football is still alive and in full swing.  For you history aficionados, back in the 1800’s it was stated “the sun never sets on the British Empire” and the same now can be said about dynasty fantasy football.  We have the combine, draft and free agency to look forward to.  All of which will affect your team in the upcoming season. 

As for the NFL free agency, this time period offers both opportunities to buy and to sell in your dynasty league(s).  With NFL teams looking to make that next push to getting their teams to the playoffs and ultimately competing for a Super Bowl, you can also use this period to fortify your team with bold and well timed moves.

If you want to be the best then you’ve got to get ahead of the competition. Below we list our key words of advice to give you that competitive edge you need to take your team to the next level.


Key Words of Advice:

    1.  Do not overreact to a player changing teams, whether it is a positive or a negative effect.

    2.  Capitalize on other owners’ overreactions to an average player going to a prime situation and sell high.

    3.  Age of a free agent player significantly affects their value.

    4.  Pay attention to NFL rumors.  For example, if a RB on your team is in danger of having their job being taken away, it may be time to ship him off for picks or a player prior to the news breaking.  You can also buy that free agent running back before he signs with his new team and better opportunity.

    5.  I usually do not recommend trading for free agent wide receivers until they are signed by their new team.  This is due to the fact that unless a player is an elite WR, the new team’s QB heavily dictates the WRs future success.

    6.  Running backs tend to be more stable when changing teams.  However the shelf life of a RB coming off his rookie contract is usually 2-3 more years of solid production and then there is a major dropoff.

    7.  As with any trade, never buy at peak value.  Try and target trades involving free agents that have had success in the past but may have had a down year or injury the previous year.

    8.  At this time of the year it is also a good strategy to take advantage of draft fever.  Draft picks are usually overvalued and can be turned into proven veterans much easier than they can during the NFL season.

Below you’ll find all the content you need to dominate this Free Agency Offseason! Check out this year’s best available free agents and overview at each position. See our thoughts regarding each pending free agent in our team breakdowns and review each team’s position needs. We give our approach as a buy/sell for the top upcoming fantasy relevant players so that you can maximize player value and find this year’s breakouts!

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