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2022 Free Agency – Player Breakdowns

Joseph Adrian


Best Available:

  1. Davante Adams (GB)
  2. Chris Godwin (TB)
  3. Allen Robinson (CHI)
  4. Mike Gesicki (MIA)
  5. Mike Williams (LAC)
  6. Leonard Fournette (TB)
  7. Melvin Gordon (DEN)
  8. James Conner (ARI)
  9. DJ Chark (JAX)
  10. Michael Gallup (DAL)
  11. Christian Kirk (ARI)
  12. JuJu Smith-Schuster (PIT)
  13. Rashaad Penny (SEA)
  14. Dalton Schultz (DAL)
  15. Chase Edmonds (ARI)
  16. Zach Ertz (ARI)
  17. Odell Beckham Jr. (LAR)
  18. Cordarrelle Patterson (ATL)
  19. Sony Michel (LAR)
  20. Jamison Crowder (NYJ)
  21. Jameis Winston (NO)
  22. Rob Gronkowski (TB)
  23. Will fuller (MIA)
  24. Marquez Valdes-Scantling (GB)
  25. Phillip Lindsay (DEN)

Player breakdowns:


Davante Adams

  • Ultimately feel he winds up back in GB; decision is likely dependent on Aaron Rogers
  • As SOLID and SAFE as he comes; expect at least x3 more years of top tier production
  • Expect a Larry Fitzgerald type career and produce well into his 30s (unlike other WRs at this age he shouldn’t be sold)
  • Don’t be a buyer (value can only decrease); don’t sale unless you get a HUGE haul


Chris Godwin

  • BIG candidate for the franchise tag; highly doubt TB lets him leave and ultimately will get a long-term deal
  • Young at 25 y/o and going into his prime; excellent route runner and hands; SOLID & SAFE
  • Only reservation is that he is coming off the ACL tear
  • BUY; easily give any 2022 1st for him including a top 3 pick


Allen Robinson

  • Franchise Tag candidate but just NO WAY he will be back in CHI
  • DEFINTELY hurt by CHI offense & expect a HUGE uptick in production
  • BUY… BUY… BUY… anywhere he goes will be an upgrade; would give up any late 2022 1st (Pick 9-12)


Mike Gesicki

  • REALY hope that he doesn’t end up back in MIA; talents could be used better elsewhere
  • Fits the mold of the top tier TEs in the league
  • BUY… EASILY give any 2nd or maybe a late 1st if you don’t love the draft class there


Mike Williams

  • HIGHLY doubt he leaves LAC; definitely in the best interest for both team & player
  • If he does leave LAC; gotta have the perfect landing spot with a gunslinger/down-the-field QB
  • Probably a HOLD; wouldn’t give a 2022 1st but don’t think you can get him for less


Leonard Fournette

  • Hard to see him not returning to TB; value is definitely in FLUX
  • Would be looking to BUY for a good pre-landing spot deal; easily give an early 2nd but likely would give a late 1st
  • Optimal landings spots likely ATL, TB or SEA; Expect he will find a solid role
  • Expect solid and safe production; ideal buy for a win now team


Melvin Gordon

  • Some rumblings he’ll be back in DEN; not optimal for him or Javonte as this caps them both at an RB2
  • Optimal landings spots likely ATL, TB or SEA; Expect he will find a solid role 
  • BUY! Easily give an early 2nd (if you can get a pre-landing spot trade)


James Conner

  • SAFE… expect he either goes back to ARI or somewhere with a solid role
  • Still worried about his prior injury history
  • Price is likely too high to buy; doubt anyone would sell for less than a 1st (TOO risky to give that unless he’s back in ARI)


DJ Chark

  • HOPEFULLY will be back in JAX; could still be their true #1
  • Obviously concerned with his injury history but offers great upside for his perceived value
  • GO GET HIM; Give any 2nd easy… consider any distant 1st 


Michael Gallup

  • Hopefully will move on to another team; look out for CLE… he just seems to fit the type of WR they covet
  • Talent is much greater than what he’s been able to show due to depth of the DAL roster 
  • Coming off ACL tear
  • BUY; could probably get him for a late 2nd… DEFINTELY give that


Christian Kirk

  • REALLY needs to stay in ARI; hopeful that value grows as other WRs age
  • Good enough on your team that you can’t cut but tough to ever feel good about starting
  • Worth buying if you don’t have to spend a high pick; target the back-end 2nd or early 3rd depending where the rookie class tier break occurs


JuJu Smith-Schuster

  • ELITE early production that has steadily declined
  • ABSOLUTELY needs a new situation; doubt he is anyone’s WR1 but could be a solid WR2 on an excellent offense (BUF, KC)
  • ?BUY (he’s still 25 y/o); If you can get him for a LATE 2nd maybe roll the dice


Rashaad Penny

  • Could be the RB1 in SEA but more likely they build through draft & will crush his value
  • HUGE SELL! Likely last opportunity to get him for save-face value
  • Would EASILY sale for an early 2022 2nd


Dalton Schultz

  • Value is MUCH higher in DAL (back-end TE 1)
  • Poor man’s Austin Hooper; if he goes anywhere otehr than DAL then he could be TRASH
  • Not super athletic but has good hands & route running; needs a great fit to continue production
  • SELL… would aim for mid 2nd; if you can BUY for a 3rd maybe roll the dice


Chase Edmonds

  • Just can’t envision a scenario where he isn’t back in ARI
  • He is what he is… a FLEX play
  • Probably not a great time to sell (would need at least a late 2nd); Consider buying if you can get him for any 3rd


Zach Ertz

  • If he stays in ARI value will be EXCELLENT
  • Understand that his better years of production are behind him but he’s still a back end TE1 in a good spot
  • DEFINITELY worth taking a flyer on; BUY for any 3rd or if he’s back in ARI then maybe a late 2nd


Odell Beckham Jr.

  • Expect that he will be back with the LAR; doubt a robust market
  • Value rollercoaster over the last few years… continues; unlikely to play next year during the fantasy season
  • This is a repeat ACL tear in the same knee… NOT good
  • SELL… no reason to take this risk; take any 2nd or even early 2022 3rd


Cordarrelle Patterson

  • Unless he is back in ATL and they don’t bring in depth then he’s value is already GONE
  • Do-it-all guy that got an UBER amount of touches in a perfect spot; highly unlikely to see a repeat performance at age 30
  • SELL for any 2nd and be PUMPED


Sony Michel

  • Suspect he finds a complementary role somewhere
  • Win-now teams should take a late-round flier on him; might hit as a solid handcuff or allow for trade-bait later in the year


Jamison Crowder

  • SOLID and steady veteran; likely back in NYJ
  • Should look to buy as a win-now team; excellent FLEX depth that can probably be had for cheap
  • BUY for LATE 3rd or later


Jameis Winston

  • Suspect he gets another shot given QB landscape; DOBUT he is back with NO
  • Offers some potential still but unlikely to return to being a top 10 QB
  • Sell him for what you can… CUT BAIT; SUPERFLEX (late 2nd); Single QB (mid-late 3rd)


Rob Gronkowski

  • I DOUBT he plays anymore without Tom Brady
  • Only played in 11 games but had excellent production
  • SELL… for any 3rd


Will Fuller

  • Is there a MORE FRUSTRATING player in the NFL?
  • If he went to an ideal landing spot as a WR1 or WR2 then maybe take a flyer
  • SELL for an early 3rd; settle for any 3rd


Marquez Valdes-Scantling

  • Can’t cut him from your team but will never play for you
  • Ultimately feel he winds up back in GB & represents his best value
  • SELL for any 3rd if you can and be pumped; doubt he will increase his value with any landing spot


Phillip Lindsay

  • He is worth the LATE round (late 4th / 5th) flier on; could hit a nice landing spot
  • Win-now teams should be looking to acquire for super cheap & rebuilding teams should sale for whatever they can

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